Member Coalitions

  • EJAQC exists to demand and achieve air quality policies and practices consistent with the principles of environmental justice. Since its founding in 2000, a core demand of EJAQC’s campaign platform has been the adoption of regional rules and policies to evaluate, limit, and reduce cumulative health risks. EJAQC brings invaluable direct expertise to BAEHC with these issues. Core members of EJAQC that participate in BAEHC include Greenaction for Environmental Health and Justice, Youth United for Community Action (based in East Palo Alto), West County Toxics Coalition, Communities for a Better Environment, and Hunters View Mothers Committee.

  • IPEHJ is a collaboration between Chinese Progressive Association and People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights. IPEHJ seeks to empower the emerging low-income Asian and Latino/a immigrant communities in Southeast San Francisco to address disproportionate environmental health risks and improve their access to and participation in health and environmental programs, policies, and administrative decision-making. IPEHJ brings a strong immigrant grassroots organizing perspective and rich experience to BAEHC.

  • BACATF is a group of approximately 30 environmental, public health, and transportation organizations whose mission is to work collaboratively and proactively on air quality issues for both stationary and mobile sources. Key participants in BAEHC from BACATF include the American Lung Association of California, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, and Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates. BACATF brings successful advocacy experience on a broad range of air quality issues and can link mainstream environmental and public health organizations to the issue of cumulative air impacts.

  • Contra Costa Asthma Coalition is an inclusive, broad-based partnership of organizations and community members whose mission is to reduce the impact of asthma among West Contra Costa County residents through outreach and education efforts and policy advocacy. It is a partnership with the Contra Costa Health Services Department. West Contra Costa County has been overburdened by air pollution for many years from an industrial complex that includes the Chevron oil refinery, one of the largest in the country. The area is a hotspot for asthma in the region. Including staff from the coalition, the grant will also support the participation of Asthma Community Advocates who are affected residents that provide grassroots community leadership and outreach.

  • RAMP works to reduce the burden of asthma in the Bay Area through the facilitation of diverse constituents addressing a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from clinical management to environmental prevention. RAMP provides technical assistance to local asthma coalitions, is a clearing house of asthma information, provides regional capacity-building workshops, and serves as a collective voice for policy change. The RAMP model is noteworthy for its regional approach to addressing asthma and has been very successful in creating links between the asthma, environmental, and environmental justice communities. For more information about RAMP, please visit

  • ELJC is an individual organizational member of BAEHC. It provides technical and policy assistance to BAEHC and also houses the Collaborative's campaign staff. The mission of ELJC is to provide scientific and legal support to communities of color and low-income residents working for environmental health and justice, and also to train law students to become effective and ethical lawyers.